A conversation with Gilliom Manufacturing

So today (1/27/09) I had a great conversation with the current owner of Gilliom Manufacturing, Roger Thompson. Roger told be the story of how Lyle Gilliom conceived concept of build-it-yourself tools while he was stationed in the south Pacific during WWII. As he shared his ideas with his comrades they said that if he ever had plans made-up that they would like to purchase a set. Upon returning to the USA Lyle put his ideas to paper and then to wood and proved that the idea was sound.

Mr. Gilliom went into production of not only plans but ultimately the harder to find machined parts that tool builders would need to build his tools.

After almost 40 years in the 1980's Lyle Gilliom entered into negotiations with Roger Thompson and though unfortunately Mr. Gilliom passed-away before the deal was signed, his widow completed the deal. To this day Roger and his bride personally man the phones at Gilliom where they fulfill orders for the entire Gilliom tool range.

What's in the range? Table saws, Bandsaws, a Lathe, a Belt Sander and more!

I asked Mr. Thompson about why he doesn't have a web presence he sincerely replied that while it is true that the web is a bit intimidating for folks of his age, more importantly they enjoy talking directly to their customers. What a sweet man, and truly a unique company.

Please support the Thompson's with an order of a catalog, and how about an order for at least a set of plans? And tell him Scott sent ya.

Roger Thompson
Gilliom Manufacturing Incorporated
500 Boonslick Rd
St Charles, MO 63301-2461
Phone: (636) 724-1812

UPDATE: I tried several times in October 2015 to reach anyone at Gilliom MFG and have been greeted by a message saying "The mailbox you are trying to reach is full".  If you have any success making contact I would appriciate a comment below.  Thanks. 

The photo is of a completed Gilliom 18" Bandsaw that was posted online and sold several years ago.