So here's what you get from Gilliom Mfg when you order a set of plans

I mentioned that I called Gilliom Mfg and ordered a current catalog. After a great conversation with Mr. Thompson I decided to go ahead and order a set of tablesaw plans. I doubt I'll be making the tablesaw next, but I just had to see how Mr. Gilliom solved some of the problems that I was having in my mind as I tried to conceive of a shop-made tilting arbor table saw. The photo (click to Biggie-Size) shows everything that I received:
  • A catalog of all the Gilliom Woodworking Machine Kits
  • A parts catalog
  • A reprint of a Workbench Magazine article on building a bandsaw from a Gilliom kit
  • A catalog of shaper cutters, saw blades, lathe tools, etc.
  • The fold-out plans for the saw, full-size template for the most critical parts, and a upper saw guard supplement
I have to say that I'm impressed. Mr. Gilliom's plans are absolutely genius. Before seeing these I couldn't figure-out how the motor wouldn't be too high when the blade was set for a shallow cut or how the blade could possible stay centered in the saw slot as the arbor tilted. How would dado blades be accommodated and how would dust be managed?

Once again I highly recommend that you at least get a copy of the catalog and parts list. Shopsmith Mark V owners should know that the Gilliom lathe spindle parts will fit the Mark V, so if you need a new spur drive or a face plate you have someone with whom to compare prices.